Computer Purchasing Policies

Departmental computers required for the day-to-day operation of their department will be enrolled the computer maintenance program. (This generally includes all machines used by full-time staff.) Under the maintenance program, departments are charged a flat monthly rate for each computer enrolled in the plan, which covers the cost of the computer and ancillary supplies. The equipment will be automatically replaced with up-to-date equipment on a regular basis. The schedule will ensure that machines required for the operation of the department are always under warranty, so hardware problems can be quickly repaired without additional expense to the department.

The maintenance plan provides cost predictability that simplifies the budget process while ensuring that departments maintain up-to-date equipment. The cost of the program will be billed to the department once for the entire year during the first fiscal quarter. Departments who have been approved to upgrade equipment beyond the standard offerings will be responsible for the cost difference of the upgrade when the order is placed.

Some departments may also require additional machines for non-critical functions. Equipment cycled out of the purchasing program will be used for these needs at no additional cost to the departments. The IT Operations Group will work with each department to come up with an appropriate plan under the program to meet their needs.

Current Offerings
Configuration Model FY18 Monthly Cost Approximate Replacement
Standard Desktop Dell Optiplex 5050 Micro $19 4 years
Departmental Laptop Dell Latitude 7480 $25 4 years
Chromebook Acer 2 in 1 $10 3 years
Public Kiosk Dell Chromebox $7 3 years
Display/Conference Room Wall Mount (no monitor) Dell Optiplex 5050 Micro $12 5 years
Small Video Display LG $10 5 years
Large Video Display LG $14 5 years
Projector Dell 4320 $20 5 years
Purchasing Schedule

The IT Operations Group schedules bulk purchases of computers occasionally throughout the year in order to reduce acquisition, recordkeeping, deployment and disposal costs. Temporary equipment will be made available to departments if it is needed before the next order cycle.

Computers Purchased with Grant Funds

Machines acquired using grant funds will be purchased outright using the same configurations, guidelines and vendors as computers under the maintenance plan. For ongoing grants, departments must plan on replacing equipment on a regular basis.

Computers Received as Gifts

Departments receiving computing equipment as gifts from corporate sponsorships must work with the IT Operations Group before agreeing to accept equipment donations. Equipment gifts must be reviewed to ensure that the gift can be fully utilized in our environment and that ongoing operating or maintenance costs will not be a burden to the department. Warranties consistent with divisional purchasing guidelines must accompany all equipment gifts.

Last Updated: December 2017