Cost-Per-Copy Program

The standard printer/copier/fax combinations obtained through the university cost-per-copy program are the most cost effective solution for most printing needs. The current vendor for this program is Meritech.


The cost of black and white printing is about $0.012 per impression. For color printing, the cost is about $0.08 per impression. Printed faxes are charged at the regular printing rate, and there is no cost to scan. All consumable supplies and maintenance (expcept paper) are included in this cost.

Equipment Selection

The machine received at the beginning of the program was based on historical printing volume at the start of the program. The vendor will not honor requests for a "bigger" or "faster" machine that is not based on the actual usage by a department. The smallest machines that are deployed are a minimum of 25 pages per minute and a monthly duty cycle of 25,000 pages. In general, the printing volume is going down for the unviersity, and existing machines are underutilized.

Equipment Options

All machines have a standard configuration. Desktop machines come with a single paper tray and fax capability. Floor machines include two paper trays and possibly a finisher, depending on your volume. Additional accessories may be available for a monthly fee.

Rental Equipment

In larger departments or those with multiple locations or special needs, we may also be able to obtain additional printing equipment under the copy program. In most cases, a monthly fee applies for additional black and white or color printers. Because different departments have different needs, the IT group can work with you to develop with a cost-effective solution to meet your needs.

Confidential Printing

All staff members occasionally have the need to print a document they consider confidential. Printing these documents requires care by the staff member to ensure that they are not left on the device once they are printed. Confidential printing needs are not justification for a personal printer.

There are some things that we can do to help protect your documents in this environment. Your network copier has a "secure print" option which locks a document in the printer until you enter a password to retrieve it. Physical placement of the printers can also be changed to protect your documents. In this scenario, putting your backup printer in a less public location can be a highly effective fix, at the possible expense of convenience in accessing the printer.

Last Updated: October 2, 2014