Computer Disposal Policies

The following guidelines apply to university-owned computing equipment that is freed up through a maintenance refresh or other replacement. The goals of this policy are to maximize the use of university-owned computing equipment during its useful lifetime, and to maximize the value obtained from the disposal of computing equipment when it can no longer be used by the division.

Equipment purchased with grant funds generally becomes property of the university, although there may also be additional restrictions around disposal for some government grants.

Reuse within Department

Upon replacement, machines will be recycled within the originating department if that department has a need for additional machines that are not essential to the day-to-day operation of the department and its staff. (Departments must keeping essential systems up-to-date through the computer maintenance program.) If the department already has older versions of such equipment deployed, it will first be replaced by the newer equipment, and the older equipment will then be removed for reuse.

Reuse within Division

Equipment that cannot be used by the originating department will be deployed to replace older equipment used for non-essential functions in other departments, labs or public locations. An inventory of equipment will also be retained by the IT Operations Group for the following purposes to serve the overall IT needs of the division:

  • To maintain a supply of computers and monitors that can be quickly deployed in case of hardware failures
  • To maintain a supply of computers that can be deployed for special short-term programmatic uses by departments
  • To maintain a supply of computers that can be temporarily deployed to staff members while a permanent replacement can be ordered
  • To obtain parts that can be used to upgrade or repair other machines in active service
Reuse within University

Equipment that cannot be used in the division will be offered to other divisions and schools for purchase. In order to maximize value for the university, an internal price, which is less than the external market value, will be established for groups that can journal funds directly. The IT Operations Group will work with other campus IT groups to determine internal need.

Surplus Equipment Sales

Equipment that cannot be reused within the university can be sold to external persons or organizations. The IT Operations Group maintains a list of currently available equipment and market pricing, with preference given to division staff for purchase. Available equipment will also be advertised to other members of the university community, and may also be listed for sale in other venues such as eBay.

All equipment will be offered "as-is" and all purchasers must sign a surplus sales agreement in accordance with university policy.

The minimal revenue from these sales will be retained by the IT Operations Group to help defray the cost of the computer disposal process.

Donation & Recycling

Machines with limited residual value may also be donated to local charitable organizations through a university department or established recycling agency. Departments wishing to donate to a specific organization should contact the IT Operations Group.

Otherwise, machines will be given to the university-designated partner who will refurbish and donate the equipment to a charitable organization, or will recycle the equipment in an environmentally-responsible manner.

Last Updated: May 7, 2013