Majestic Jellyfish


The Majestic Jellyfish is the latest in a series of assessment devices managed by the Student Affairs IT Group. In contrast with previous hardware, the Jellyfish makes use of the proximity card functionality of CWRU members' ID cards instead of the magnetic stripe (the same technology used by the access control devices located on the perimeter of most campus buildings). This allows for faster throughput when performing assessment activities at a large event, as cardholders typically do not need to remove their ID card from their purse/wallet/backpack, and also increases the accuracy of the collected data, which can be impacted by worn or corrupt magnetic stripe information which cannot identify the cardholder (a problem that the proximity card circuitry does not suffer from).

Before your event

Ensure your Majestic Jellyfish is charged by connecting the micro USB port on its side to a standard powered USB port, such as one found on a computer or cell phone charger. While the reader is charging, a single red LED inside the case will be illuminated, which turns off when the battery is fully charged.

If existing data files are stored on your Majestic Jellyfish, you should delete them in order to avoid issues when uploading data to OrgSync (such as combining another event's attendees with your own). All files on the device can be safely deleted without affecting its functionality.

IMPORTANT: The reader will generate one attendance file while it's powered on. If the reader is toggled off and back on, it will begin saving to a new file. If you are recording data for multiple events and need to be able to store the data for each event separately, you must only turn off the reader between events. The Majestic Jellyfish does not store timestamps for captured data.

At your evenT
  1. Toggle the power switch on the side of the case. You'll hear two beeps, then three beeps, and finally the red and green LED lights inside of the case will illuminate, along with a red light on the top of the reader.
  2. To record an ID card, hold the card within 3 inches of the reader until a beep is heard. The reader can capture cards held within 4.5 inches of its surface, but actual read range may be less depending on the condition of the card and whether the card is inside of a purse or wallet (both produce a successful read if pressed to the surface of the reader).
  3. The ID reader has been tested for over 8 hours of continuous use, and over 10,000 consecutive card swipes. If the battery level reaches roughly 5-10% capacity, a bright red LED will turn on inside of the case, adjacent to the green power LED.
After your event

All data collected with the Majestic Jellyfish must be uploaded to an OrgSync event.

  1. Ensure that the reader is powered off and is not connected to a USB cable
  2. Connect a micro USB cable between the reader's USB port and a computer
  3. Toggle the power switch and wait for the beep sequence to end
  4. The reader will appear as a removable drive on your computer, almost identical to a USB flash drive. The data files are of the format: "LOG00.txt", "LOG01.txt", "LOG02.txt", and so on.
  5. Visit to upload your data to your event.