Mailing Lists

Communication is key, and there are many ways to communicate with your constituents. We also have a commitment to ensure that messages are sent to the appropriate individuals and without sacrificing confidentiality of recipients. Staff members should gernally not be extracting lists of contact information to create their own lists.

Approved Resources

The following resources are approved for sending messages to groups, in order of preference. Contact us to discuss the best option for your project.

  1. OrgSync
    • can send to all members of a portal or one or more portal groups
    • messages sent using OrgSync web interface by portal administrators or members with appropriate permissions
    • can use the messaging tool to send a message to the OrgSync and CWRU mailbox at the same time
    • can use the news tool to post a message that is emailed to a portal or group and also archived for viewing and commenting
    • attachments must be stored separately in the files tool
  2. Student Affairs Email Relay
    • can send to general groups of students based on activity recorded in HARLD
    • additional groups can be created upon request
    • messages sent from your choice of email program
    • messages are secured based on sender address in the form
    • attachments of up to 5MB total are supported
    • all messages are archived
  3. Google Groups
    • best for campus groups that rarely change membership
    • can send to general groups of members of the CWRU community
    • can be used to share Google calendars and Google Drive documents
    • limited tools for adding and removing users
    • messages sent from your choice of email program
    • list can be displayed in the directory accessible from webmail
    • attachments of up to 25MB total are supported
    • all messsages are archived
    • must include as a manager of the group to receive support
    • best for large mailing lists
    • can include arbitrary members from within or outside the CWRU community
    • option to include subscribe/unsubscripe functionality on your departmental website
    • messages are sent from your choice of email program
    • lists can be moderated before posting
    • messsages are archived for a few months
    • must include as an owner of the list to receive support
Unapproved Resources
  • Constant Contact: the university does not have an established relationship with this vendor
  • Google Contact Groups: should only be used for small lists that are only used by a single person
  • MailChimp: the university does not have an established relationship with this vendor

Last Updated: March 2015