The policy of the division is to centralize software purchasing through the IT Operations Group. A centralized purchasing scheme helps the division realize the following benefits:

  • Ensures that Student Affairs staff have access to up-to-date operating systems and software
  • Ensures that software purchases are reviewed by IT staff
  • Maximizes value by working with preferred vendors and obtaining educational discounts
  • Reduces total cost of ownership by deploying as much standardized software as possible
  • Allows synergies in software between departments to be identified and exploited
  • Centralizes recordkeeping for licences which is used for planning and maintenance
  • Provides a central point to ensure software licensing compliance

Each computer in the division has a basic set of software applications installed that are chosen to satisfy the needs of the majority of divisional users. Requests for special software are also be handled by the IT Group.

Managed Desktops

The division operates a managed desktop environment, and users are restricted from installing software on their machines themselves. Although adjusting to the managed environment can be difficult at first, this scheme provides tangible benefits to the division. Because all of our workstations are tied together with common network and server services, it is important that the security of these machines be consistently applied. Operating system and application security patches and scans are handled automatically. The current configuration attempts to balance security with user flexibility, and has been developed and tested over many years.

  • Allows users to move seamlessly between computers and access the same resources and applications
  • Protects the computer and your data from viruses, adware and spyware
  • Elminates the need for end-users to deal with general data security and compliance requirements
  • Supports the divisional software purchasing policy
  • Ensures that the university is in compliance with applicable licensing agreements for software
Personal Computer Policy

University owned or licensed software described in this section cannot be installed on staff members' personal computers. The Software Center has a work-at-home licences for MS Office for Windows available, as well as discounts on personal purchases of Microsoft and Adobe products.

Last updated: November 6, 2014