Special Software Requests

Software that is not part of the standard software set can be installed when there is a legitimate business need. All software purchases in the division must be made in conjunction with the IT Operations Group which is responsible for purchasing, installing and documenting each licensed title. "Freeware" titles, fonts, and hosted applications are all considered software for purposes of this policy and have specific procurement and licensing requirements which must be followed.

University-Licensed Software

The use of software already licensed by the university is always preferred and will be sourced first, whenever possible. Some titles are licensed for staff use for free, while others may have a yearly fee associated with them. These are examples of some software titles that are available:

  • Adobe Creative Suite Products
  • Mathematica
  • Origin
  • SAS
  • SPSS
Sofware Procurement

The IT Operations Group is responsible for procuring software liceneses to meet special needs of departments and programs. Special discounts for educational institutions will be obtained whenever possible from a vendor. Titles not already licensed can be purchased when it meets the following guidelines:

  • The software must be for a legitimate business use.
  • The software cannot duplicate functionality that is already available.
  • The software must be university-owned and cannot be a copy of something you have purchased for your individual use at home.
  • For software that supports a hardware device, the device must be university-owned.
  • The software must not interfere with the normal, expected operation of the computer.
  • The software cannot impose any unreasonable configuration or other management overhead, unless the software is deemed mission critical.
  • The software must carry the "Designed for Windows" logo by meeting specifications for software design and operation.
  • The software must be available as freeware for business use, or the department must supply a speedtype for purchase of the appropriate license(s). This applies to "shareware" software that can be downloaded and installed for free for a limited time. The operations group can quote an educational price for most commercial products.
  • The software must not be classified as "adware" or "spyware."

The media and license for all software is held by the IT Operations Group, which is responsible for license compliance.

The following are examples of software products that are currently installed in the division.

  • Kurzweil 1000/3000
  • MAGic
  • Microsoft Office Visio
Unsupported Software

The following software products are not supported and will not be installed.

  • Blackberry Desktop (Blackberry not supported)
  • DropBox Client (use web interface or Google Drive)
  • Firefox, Opera, Safari web browsers (duplicate functionality, use IE or Chrome)
  • Thunderbird, Opera Mail (use Gmail web interface)
  • Google Desktop Search (FERPA & HIPPA Compliance)
  • Google Drive Sync (use web interface)
  • HotBar (spyware)
  • Instant Messager such as AOL, ICQ, MSN, Yahoo! (use Google Hangouts)
  • iTunes (use IE to subscribe to podcasts)
  • Java Runtime (security issues)
  • Real Player (adware)
  • Search toolbars (spyware)
  • WebShots Desktop (no business use)
  • WinZip (this functionality is included in Windows 7)

Last updated: November 6, 2014