The Online Editor Tool

The Student Affairs website is designed to highlight key themes within the division. From the home page, users can navigate between departments, programs, events, important documentation and more. Content is primarily managed by the Web content team in the Student Affairs IT Group; however, each department is responsible for managing information and updates to their own program and services information.

If you feel comfortable using Microsoft Word, you will find it easy to use the Online Editor Tool. Once you become familiar with the interface, you will recognize many of the text formatting options, buttons and drop-down menus.

You'll need to decide who will be in charge of updating your site. Those responsible for maintaining it should be committed to making regular changes and keeping your content fresh and up-to-date. Once you determine that, you'll need to contact the IT Operations Group with the content editor's name and network ID.

All content editors are required to enroll in a brief training class. Once you complete the training class and receive permission to make updates, you can start using the online tool to update your web pages.

Logging In to the Online Editor Tool

Once permissions are established, you will need to log in to the Online Editor Tool so you can view all tool options:

Step 1: Using Internet Explorer, navigate to the web page you want to change. On the bottom right of your page, click on the [site login] link. You will be prompted to log in to the online tool using your Case ID and network password. (This is the same password you use when logging into PeopleSoft.)

Screen showing placement of login and editor options

Step 2: Once you login, your page will re-appear with one additional feature. On the bottom right, look for the following list of links:

  • Edit: MainContent
  • Page: Create
  • Directory: List
  • Upload: Document Picture

Let's start first with Edit: Main Content.