Uploading PDF Documents

Most of the web content you read on the Student Affairs website is created with Hypertext Markup Language (HTML). The only exceptions, however, are multi-page guides and brochures that have been converted to Adobe PDFs for easy access.

Although PDFs were the standard for the web many years ago, many of our visually-impaired users have trouble viewing PDF files. As a result, we recommend that you review our accessibility guidelines before uploading any PDF files to your site.

The Upload Document Tool

Once you have reviewed our guidelines and incorporated some of the suggested best practices into your PDF document, you'll want to use our Upload Document Tool, which is similar to the Upload Picture Tool. Follow these simple instructions:

  1. Login to the Online Editing Tool. From the menu, choose Upload: Document.
  2. On the new page that appears, review the introductory text about using PDF documents. In the middle of the page, you will see a text box next to "Upload." Click on the Select button that appears in light gray. Navigate to the drive/folder where your document is stored and click Open. Your filename will now appear next to the Select button.
  3. Type the same filename (or a different filename) next to the Filename text field. Do not type the .pdf extension, or the tool won't recognize your file. Make sure the filename you create hasn't been used elsewhere on your site, or you might accidentally overwrite another document by that name.
  4. Click Upload Document to complete this task. If you receive an error that says the filename is not valid, double-check your file size. Our online editing tool will not accept a file that is larger than 1MB. You will need to have a web administrator upload the file for you if the file is too large.
  5. Hover your mouse over any of the question mark icons for more information on the PDF upload tool.
Adding Your PDFs to Web Pages

After completing the instructions above, you're ready to add your document to a web page. Navigate to your web page and click Edit: Main Content in the lower-right corner, then and follow these instructions:

  1. With your mouse, highlight the text where you want to add a link to your document.
  2. In the second row of tools, select the Document Manager tool. (It's the icon that looks like a document with a paperclip attached.) If you followed the instructions above for Using the Upload Document Tool, your file will automatically appear in your list of files.
  3. Click on the image filename. Notice that your view was modified slightly. You will not be permitted to browse to another location until you complete the next task.
  4. Click Insert. Notice the text you just highlighted is now hyperlinked. Click on Save Changes. Test your changes by clicking on the new link.