Creating Hyperlinks

The Hyperlink Manager button in the editor toolbar.

Hyperlinks on the web are what visitors to your site use to move from one page to another. By linking from one page to the next, you can make your pages more customized and helpful for the user. Our online editing tool allows you to create hyperlinks quickly and easily. Just follow the steps below:

Hyperlink manager window
  1. Navigate to the page you want to link to in your web browser. Copy the web address so you can use the web address for Step 5.
  2. Open a second browser window and navigate to the page on your website where you want to create your hyperlink. From this page, login to the Online Editor Tool. Once you see the tools on the left, click on Edit: Main Content.
  3. When your page appears in the editing window, highlight the word(s) you want to hyperlink. (Highlighting one to three words of text for the hyperlink is typical.)
  4. Click on the Hyperlink Manager button, which appears in the second row of tools.
  5. The Hyperlink Manager window will appear. Paste the web address from Step 1 into the URL text box. The address must begin with http://.
  6. Notice that the Link Text is already populated, since you highlighted your text in Step 3. If you are linking to an external site or a site outside of the Student Affairs domain, you must create your link so it opens in a separate window. To do this, look for the Target drop-down menu and select New Window. You can leave the rest of the text fields alone.
  7. Click OK.
  8. Scroll to the bottom of your web page and click Save Changes. When the page appears in your browser, notice the new hyperlinks on your page. Always test your links to make sure they work. All external links should open in a new window.
Creating Hyperlinks to E-mail Addresses

E-mail addresses generally work the same way as hyperlinks, except you will need to select a different tab in the Hyperlink Manager dialog box.

  • Navigate to the page where an e-mail address is needed. Click on Edit: Main Content from the left-hand menu. Highlight the word "email" or the name of the person you want to hyperlink with an e-mail address.
  • Click on the Hyperlink Manager icon. From the top row of tabs, choose E-mail.
  • Next to the Address field, paste the/ e-mail address for the employee name you want to link. Next to Link Text, type the employee's name. Click OK when you are finished.