Creating Tables

Before you build a table using our online editor, you need to determine the number of rows and columns you'll need before you get started. Once you have that number, you'll find it easier to work with our online table editor.

To get started building tables, just follow these simple steps below:

Screen showing use of the table making tool

  1. Find the page you want to edit, then login to the Online Editor Tool. Click on Edit:MainContent from the left side of your page to open your editing window. Find a location on your page where you want your new table to appear, and click once to create an insertion point.
  2. Look for the Insert Table icon in the second row of tools. It looks like a table grid and appears at the far right. When you click on the Insert Table tool, you will see a series of empty cells or blocks. This is a graphic representation of rows and columns, so you need to highlight the number of blocks that correspond with the number of rows and columns you need. Remember, drag your mouse to highlight the cells but don't click on them until your selection is complete.

For example:

If you want a table that contains...
  • 1 row and 1 column: highlight the top left in the table wizard
  • 2 rows and 2 columns: highlight two boxes on the top row and two boxes on the second row in the table wizard
  • 3 or more rows/columns: highlight the number of boxes you need for each row and column

Once you've highlighted the boxes with your mouse, click one time. Notice, the outline of your new table now appears in the editing window. Place your cursor in the first box and type the header or description for your first row/column. Continue this with each successive box, so you have a header or descriptive label for each column or row. Continue filling in the cells until all table text is completed. When you Save Changes, you will see that your changes were applied.

If you want to add or delete rows or columns...
  1. Place your mouse in the row or column where you want to add or delete a column or row. Click once. Right-click once inside the row you want to modify, then choose the delete or add option.
  2. You also can use the Table Wizard option to delete or add cells. Just click on the Insert Table icon like before, but look for the text below the block of cells called Table Wizard. Click on that text and it will bring up a diagram. You can increase the number of rows and columns by clicking inside the cell blocks, then clicking on the plus or minus signs.

If you want to add colors or borders to your table, or increase the space between the cells, just e-mail and we will make those modifications for you.