Formatting Text with Edit: MainContent

Online Editor Tool

Web pages that have a lot of text aren't always engaging for the reader. You want to encourage people to read through your pages, not skip over the important things. That's why we often use hyperlinks, colored boxes and text formatting elements to draw people in. By using these elements, you will gain more readers and keep people on your pages longer. To create these elements on a test page, you'll need to spend a few minutes reviewing the most popular tools on the Edit:MainContent screen.

When editing pages on the Student Affairs website, the Edit: MainContent tool is where you will spend most of your time. It features a variety of options you can use to format text, add hyperlinks and upload photos to your pages. Once you are logged in, look for the link to Edit:MainContent in the lower right-hand corner of the page you'd like to edit.

When using the Online Editor Tool, a typical page will feature some red descriptive text at the top of your page. This text is important, so please read through our instructions. We also list common grammar and style errors.

Example warnings and guidelines in the editor tool.

The intro text is followed by two rows of tools and a content window. If you are viewing an existing page, you will see the text that appears on your page inside the content window. If you have just created a new page, a blank content window will appear. This is where you will enter new text.

On existing pages that contain text, the Page Title text box will already appear above the content window. If you want to change the title, highlight the text with your mouse, then type the new title inside the text box. You will need to scroll to the bottom of the page and click Save Changes in order for your changes to appear.

Buttons for Formatting Text and Text Boxes

Just below the Page Title text box, you will see two rows of tools. Many of these tools look similar to those used in many Microsoft applications, such as Word and Excel. For now, let's concentrate on some of the most frequently used buttons.

Increase the size or color of a headline with the Headline Style button.
Select the Numbered List or Bulleted List button when you want to highlight a list on your page.
Create a link on your web page using the Hyperlink button.
Place a photo on your page using Image Manager.
Add a link to a PDF with the Document Manager button.
Clean up, or reformat text, from a Microsoft Word file using the Format Stripper tool.
Add a horizontal rule, or hairline on your page, using Horizontal Rule.