Mailing Lists

From Wikipedia: An electronic mailing list is a special usage of email that allows for widespread distribution of information to many Internet users. It is similar to a traditional mailing list—a list of names and addresses—as might be kept by an organization for sending publications to its members or customers, but typically refers to four things: a list of email addresses, the people ("subscribers") receiving mail at those addresses, the publications (email messages) sent to those addresses, and a reflector, which is a single email address that, when designated as the recipient of a message, will send a copy of that message to all of the subscribers.

The "closest resource" doctrine applies when utilizing mailing lists:

1. Student Affairs Resources

The following mailing lists are available through the divisional mail server:

  • Staff lists for each department
  • Staff lists for the entire division
  • Special lists of full-time staff (committees, etc.)

The following mailing lists are available through the HARLD mail relay:

  • Residential students by area, building, floor, apartment/suite, room, or program
  • Greek students by chapter
  • Housing, Residence Life & Greek Life undergraduate and graduate staff lists
  • Matriculated students based on their summer orientation session
  • Students based on their status in the new student checklist
  • Event attendees
  • Ad-hoc requests based on undergraduate, housing, residence life, or Greek Life data

These lists are maintained automatically by existing business procedures or databases.

2. University Resources

The university operates a Sympa list server which can be configured to act as a mailing list. Please contact the IT group to set up a list, so the proper options can be set for the desired type of list.

For lists where the recipients can choose to subscribe to the mailing list, a special subscribe/unsubscribe option can be added to a Division of Student Affairs website.

This is a self-service resource. The IT group cannot provide support for a list for which they did not create or have owner access.

3. Partner Resources

Some designated partners offer specialized mailing lists in conjunction with their product offering. These services only can be used in conjunction with their contracted purpose and may not be used for general mailings.

4. Other Resources

Not required or permitted.