Schools, Centers, Courses and Degrees

Colleges and Schools
  • On first reference, use the full name of the university and the school.
    Examples: Case Western Reserve University College of Arts and Sciences, the College of Arts and Sciences at Case Western Reserve University

    • Case School of Engineering
    • College of Arts and Sciences (do not use ampersand)
    • Frances Payne Bolton School of Nursing
    • Mandel Center for Nonprofit Organizations*
    • Mandel School of Applied Social Sciences
    • School of Dental Medicine
    • School of Graduate Studies**
    • School of Law
    • School of Medicine
    • Weatherhead School of Management
  • Subsequent references in narrative copy to the school, college or department are acceptable and should not be capitalized.
    Example: The school has 700 students.

  • The following are acceptable for second and subsequent references to schools.
    Examples: The Mandel Center is also home to a number of innovative programs.

    • Case School of Engineering: School of Engineering, engineering school
    • College of Arts and Sciences: the college
    • Frances Payne Bolton School of Nursing: School of Nursing, nursing school (not FPB or Bolton School)
    • Mandel Center for Nonprofit Organizations: Mandel Center (not MNO)
    • Mandel School of Applied Social Sciences: Mandel School (not MSASS)
    • School of Dental Medicine: dental school, dental medicine school
    • School of Graduate Studies: the school
    • School of Law: law school
    • School of Medicine: medical school (not SOM)
    • Weatherhead School of Management: Weatherhead School, management school (not WSOM)

*A degree-granting center, not a school, operated by the university
**An administrative unit

Academic and Research Centers
  • Capitalize the formal name of a center on first reference.

  • Lowercase center when making a general reference, which is acceptable as on second and subsequent references.


  • Center for Community Partnerships, the center
  • Baker-Nord Center for the Humanities, Baker-Nord center, the center
  • Frederick K. Cox International Law Center, the Cox Center, the center
Academic Courses and Subjects
  • Capitalize academic course titles. Do not italicize or place in quotes.
    Examples: Life of the Mind, Nursing Informatics, University Seminar, Face First

  • Course titles should also be capitalized if a course number is used first.
    Examples: MATH 122 Calculus for Science and Engineering II, ANTH 212 Popular Culture in the United States

  • Do not capitalize academic subjects, except for proper nouns such as English and French.
    Example: He took the required courses in economics and mathematics.

Academic Degrees

Capitalize full names of degrees, but only those words that are part of the formal title of the degree. Do not capitalize academic degrees in casual references when the full title of the degree is not given.


  • The Master of Science in Nursing degree (This degree is abbreviated MSN, with the word nursing part of the formal title.)
  • The Master of Arts degree in comparative literature (Since this degree is simply the MA, the words comparative literature are not capitalized.)
  • The Master of Arts degree in comparative literature, a master’s degree in comparative literature, a master’s in comparative literature
  • Abbreviations of academic degrees take no periods. This guideline diverges from AP.


  • John Jones, PhD
  • PhD, LLM, MA, MBA, BS, BSc, JD, MD, MEd