Residence Life Process

These judicial procedures are valid only for incidents occurring before August 1, 2016. For conduct incidents occurring August 1, 2016 or later, please refer to the University Student Code of Conduct.

CWRU campus

All residential communities at Case Western Reserve University are based on the understanding that every student has both rights and responsibilities. It is the student's responsibility to respect the rights of all community members regardless of backgrounds, beliefs, values, or attitudes. The university expects all students living in or visiting campus housing to follow campus policies and procedures.

  • To read, sleep, and study in an environment free from undue interference, unreasonable noise, and other distractions
  • To reside in a safe and clean environment
  • To host guests with the expectation that these guests will respect the rights of roommates/suitemates, fellow residents, and other members of the CWRU community
  • To discuss grievances with a residence hall staff member, who can assist in addressing the concern
  • To be free from fear of intimidation and physical and/or emotional harm
  • To expect that the personal belongings of others will be respected
  • To expect that these rights will be respected by all community members
  • To treat others with respect and consideration and to guarantee them their individual rights
  • To verbally express views to others, should these personal rights be violated
  • To respond to all reasonable requests made by fellow community members
  • To respond to and cooperate with residence life staff members
  • To take responsibility for personal and community safety
  • To take responsibility for guests and their behavior
  • To be aware of and abide by CWRU policies and procedures and the laws of the State of Ohio