These judicial procedures are valid only for incidents occurring before August 1, 2016. For conduct incidents occurring August 1, 2016 or later, please refer to the University Student Code of Conduct.

Students have the right to appeal decisions of the Academic Integrity Board, the University Judicial Board, or the University Administrative Hearing. The appeal form must be submitted to the Vice President for Student Affairs within five business days of receipt of the written decision and must specify the grounds for the appeal.

The grounds on which an appeal may be filed include the following:

  1. New information not available to the board which, if available at the time of the hearing, may have affected the decision
  2. Evidence that established procedures were not followed in a manner that may have affected the decision
  3. The sanction was inappropriate for the violation

The Vice President for Student Affairs or his/her designee will review the Case and determine whether to refer it to the University Appeals Board.

The University Appeals Board consists of a chairperson, two faculty members, and two student members. The board will normally review the Case on the record alone and may deny the appeal, grant the appeal, or modify the sanctions. The Board will communicate its decision, in writing, to the Vice President for Student Affairs. On receipt of the Board’s recommendation, the Vice President will notify the student of the decision. The decision of the University Appeals Board is final.