Stream2 IP Television

Stream2 integrates both entertainment and university content with social media outlets to create a seamless, all-in-one experience that reflects the way today’s students live and consume content.

  • Interactive program guide
  • Live streaming of 80 channels of programming
  • Ability to look back and watch programs up to 24 hours after broadcast
  • 20 hours of HD DVR storage per student

The Stream2 service is offered exclusively to CWRU and CIM students currently living in a residence hall, Greek house, or apartment building that receives campus digital cable service. Stream2 uses its own authentication system, so you must create an account in advance as outlined below.

The Stream2 service can only be accessed when your device is connected to the CWRU wired or wireless networks, including CaseGuest. Service is not available from via VPN or from off-campus locations.

Signing Up

You must sign up for a Stream2 account before you can access the service:

  1. Visit
  2. Click the Sign Up button
  3. Create an account name and password
  4. Enter your personal information using the format for your email address
  5. Select your current residence hall room assignment

Once you see the account screen, your account has been successfully provisioned!

Device Compatibility

Stream2 is available on the following devices:

See the Stream2 Knowledge Base or for information about device compatibility. Additional browser and device support will be released shortly.

Getting Assistance

Our service provider, Apogee, provides 24/7 support for the Stream2 service. Please contact them directly for account or application support: