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Get involved with CampusGroups by searching for and joining clubs and organizations that interest you! Click on Join Groups from the homepage to begin exploring the multitude of groups at CWRU. From there, you will be able to sort by umbrella organization and category of group, so you can narrow down the list to meet your interests. The search bar also allows you to swiftly find a group by its full or shortened name.

Once a member of a group on campus, it will show up under My Groups, and you will have access to the group's internal page, not just its public website! Connect with your fellow groupmates on the group feed and keep updated on your group's activities.

The Events tab is another great place to find ways to experience all that CWRU has to offer. Filter the events to find only ones that pertain to your interests and select See Calendar for a different view of the upcoming campus events.

For officers, leaders, and administrators

As a group officer on CampusGroups, you will have access to group management tools. Review your Officer Toolkit for an introduction.

Additionally, if you are creating an event on CampusGroups, review these event creation guidelines before getting started. Within these guidelines, you will also find tips on tracking attendance.

News + Announcements

Important Update Regarding PayPal's Refund Policy

If you collect online payments through CampusGroups and issue refunds, please be aware that, effective May 7, 2019, PayPal will no longer refund any part of the payment processing fee . Previously, only $.30 of each transaction was non-refundable. This is especially important to plan around if your event is large, high-priced, or has been cancelled or had many guests cancel in the past. We’ve prepared some tips and strategies to to help you avoid unexpected costs while collecting payments throu...

posted 8 days ago
New left-side menu navigation in group management pages

The group management toolbar has new look! The menu links (Dashboard, Members, Emails, etc) have not changed, but they now appear in the left sidebar instead of across the top of the screen. Learn more about this change and the reasoning behind it on the CampusGroups blog . If you have questions or encounter any issues with the new toolbar, let us know at .

posted 2 weeks ago