Campus Wireless Network

Your building offers the standard CWRU wireless network availability that is available across all university buildings.


The CaseGuest network is available to anyone on campus, including visitors with no connection to the university. Since no authentication is required to connect, this is the easiest network to access, but that also means it is the least secure! When connected to this network, you will be considered "off campus" and may not be able to access some campus resources. CaseGuest is also throttled, so all users share a limited amount of bandwidth.

We do not recommend that students use CaseGuest, except in limited circumstances. It would be appropriate for devices that you do not own or on which you do not feel comfortable entering your password. It may also be the best choice for low-bandwith devices, such as some cell phones, that may not be able to support the other networks.


CaseWireless is only available to active members of the CWRU community. You must authenticate with your CWRU username and password when connecting to CaseWireless, so your communication will be secured. When connected to this network, you will be considered "on campus" and will be able to access the same resources as the wired network. You will also access the Internet with full campus bandwidth.

We recommend that students use CaseWireles whenever possible. CaseWireless has wide availablity and works with all laptops, tablets, and most mobile phones. Client devices must implement WPA2 enterprise (username and password) authentication to utilize CaseGuest. Gaming consoles, which are primary designed to work on home networks, may not be able to connect to CaseGuest.

Supported devices will usually automatically detect the CaseWireless network and prompt you to log in with your username and password. You may be asked to accept a certificate the first time you connect. This certificate is used to secure the communication between your device and the wireless access point. If you need assistance connecting to CaseWireless, you can connect to CaseGuest and visit the wireless connection wizard at


Your building has exclusive access to the new CaseGaming network to support gaming consoles in the wireless-only environment. The CaseGaming network still has a password, so your gaming sessions will be secure, but uses a simple form of authenticaiton supported by consoles. When connected to this network, your device will be considered "off campus" and may not be able to access some campus resources. In addition, you will be able to access additional bandwith not available on CaseGuest to decrease network latency that affects gaming.

Use of the CaseGaming network is restricted to gaming consoles that are pre-registered with [U]Tech. To register your game console, you must contact the Help desk at 216/368-HELP. You will be asked to provide your name, building, network ID, MAC address, and the make and model of the gaming console. [U]Tech staff will register the device for access to the network and provide you the pre-shared key (password) for the network.

  • If you encounter issues, please call the [U]Tech Help Desk at 216/368-HELP.