Paying With CaseCash or CaseCharge

The wēpa print network is linked to the power of CaseOneCard. Members of the campus community can use their CaseCash or CaseCharge for printing.

How to Pay

To pay for printing using CaseCash or CaseCharge, simply press the "Campus Card" payment option on the kiosk. If you logged into the kiosk by swiping your CaseOneCard, your document(s) will print immediately. Otherwise, you will be prompted to swipe your card before your document(s) will print.

Your Balance

Your current balance available for printing is displayed on the kiosk if you log in by swiping your CaseOneCard. You can also view your balance using the value transfer stations location in Thwing Center or Wade Commons. Compete information about your CaseOneCard balance and transactions is also available on the CaseOneCard site.

Obtaining Additional CaseCash

There are several easy ways to add value to your CaseCash account:

  • Convert cash to CaseCash using the value transfer stations in Thwing Center or Wade Commons
  • Add CaseCash using at credit card by logging into the CaseOneCard site
  • Have someone make a guest deposit on your behalf using at credit card on the CaseOneCard site
  • Mail a check to Access Services or visit their office in 18 Crawford Hall
  • Select a board plan with CaseCash or choose a CaseCash only plan billed directly to your tuition account