Paying with a wēpa Account

For frequent printers, you can store value in the same wēpa account that holds your documents. Campus guests can obtain guest cards that work for printing, as well as at campus food and vending locations.

Establishing a wēpa Account

All members of the community with a CWRU network ID and password automatically have a wēpa account linked to their email address. Students, faculty, and staff from other wēpa schools will also generally have accounts, depending on the policy at that institution. Campus guests can create a personal account on the wēpa website.

How to Pay

In order to use a wēpa account for payment, you should log into the printing kiosk with a username and password. Members of the CWRU community can also log into the kiosk using their CaseOneCard. (Students from other schools cannot use their ID cards to log in.) If you have a release code, you can also use it to access your document, as long as you were authenticated to your wēpa account when you printed. To pay using funds available your wēpa account, press the "wēpa Account" payment option.

Your Balance

Your current balance available for printing is displayed on the kiosk if you log in or swipe your CaseOneCard. Complete information about your wēpa balance and transactions is also available on the wēpa site or in myServices.

Adding Additional Value

You can add additional value to your wēpa account using a major credit card by logging into any kiosk or at the wēpa site. There are no service feed for adding value to an account, but at least $5 must be added at a time. The value in a wēpa account can be used for printing at wēpa kiosks only and is not refundable.