Mobile Application for Android Devices

The wēpa Print app allows you to print supported files and send them to the wēpa print network directly from your Android device. All print jobs are securely stored in the cloud for 96 hours and may be retrieved from any kiosk.

  1. Visit the Google Play Store on your device.
  2. Search for the "wēpa Print" app and install it for free.
Submitting a Job
  1. Open the "wēpa Print" application from your Android device.
  2. Log in with your CWRU network address ( and password.
    • Campus guests with a wēpa account should log in with their email address and password.
  3. Tap "Add File" to browse your device for the file to be printed.
  4. Select your print options:
    • Range of Pages to Print
    • Black and White or Color
    • Page Orientation
    • Duplex Printing
    • Number of Copies
  5. Tap "Send to wēpa" to make the document available for printing on the wēpa network
  6. To view the release code, double-click on the document in the document list.
Supported Document Types
  • Microsoft Word (.doc and .docx)
  • Microsoft PowerPoint (.ppt and .pptx)
  • Microsoft Excel (.xls and .xlsx)
  • Adobe PDF Format (.pdf)
  • Rich Text Format (.rtf)

There is a 20MB size limit on uploaded files.