Submit Documents via Google Cloud Print

Google Cloud Print Ready

Google Cloud Print is a new technology that connects your printers to the web. Google Cloud Print works on your phone, tablet, Chromebook, PC, and any other web-connected device you want to print from. You can now submit your print jobs to wēpa using Google Cloud Print.

Installing Google Cloud Print

Google Cloud Print is included as part of the Chrome browser on any supported device. Google Cloud Print functionality is also included on all ChromeOS devices and most Android devices running at least version 4.4.

Google Cloud Print is also available for other software and platforms.

Connecting the Cloud Printer to Your Account

A Google account is required to use Google Cloud Print. For members of the CWRU community, your CWRU Google Apps for Education account is automatically linked with your CWRU wēpa account. For campus guests, you must have created wēpa and Google accounts with the same email address.

To use Google Cloud Print, the wēpa cloud printer must be linked to a device or a Google account, such as your CWRU Google Apps account. For some ChomeOS devices managed by the university, the wēpa cloud printer will be pre-installed on the device.

You can also link the wēpa cloud printer to your Google account, which will make it accessible whenever you log in to Google Cloud Print:

  1. Visit the following page to add the wēpa cloud printer: http://students.case.edu/wepagcp
  2. If you are prompted, log in with your Google account. (Members of the CWRU community: If you do not see the CWRU Single Sign-On Page, put your CWRU email address into the username box, leave the password blank, and press the Sign in button.)
  3. Click Add Printer to add the wēpa cloud printer to your account.

You can manage your cloud printers on the Google Cloud Print site.

Submitting a Job via Chrome or ChromeOS

The exact print procedure varies depending on the device and/or software you are using to print. These instructions assume the use of the Chrome browser or ChromeOS operating system, but the concept will be similar on all devices.

  1. Make sure you are logged into Chrome or the ChromeOS device with the Google account that matches your wēpa account.
    • For Chrome, choose the Sign into Chrome... option in the main menu.
    • For ChromeOS, log into the device with your Google account.
    • You can also use the browser to log into Google by visiting a Google site such as the Google Cloud Print site.
  2. Select the Change... button under Destination in the print dialog box.
    • If the printer is linked to the ChromeOS device, select wēpa@CWRU Cloud Printer under Local Destinations.
    • If the printer is linked to your account, select wēpa@CWRU Cloud Printer under Google Cloud Print.
  3. By default, documents will be submitted for black and white, single-sided printing.
    • To submit the document for color printing, choose Color in the Color options of the Google Cloud Print dialog.
    • To submit the document for duplex printing, check the Two-sided checkbox of the Google Cloud Print dialog.
  4. Press the Print button.

You can manage your cloud pring jobs on the Google Cloud Print site.

  • An Error status for a job means your document was not submitted to wēpa. Usually this is because the Google account does not match a wēpa account.
  • The Queued status means your document is waiting to be transferred to wēpa. This will normally happen almost instantly, but can take several minutes under some circumstances.
  • The In Progress status means that your job was successfully transferred to wēpa. You can visit a kiosk to release your job.
Google Cloud Print does not generate release codes at print time, but you can view them on the wēpa website once your job has been transferred.