Wade Commons

Wade Commons

Wade Commons is the main hub for the North Residential Village (NRV) at Case. Once students arrive on campus, they are required to check in at Wade Commons to obtain their room keys and other important information.

The North Residential Village Area Office is also located in Wade Commons and serves as the hub for all student package deliveries. It also provides services such as faxing, postage stamp sales, and the laundry/dry cleaning pick-up program.

There are four rooms available for student use. The Wade Pioneer Room offers a flexible set-up of chairs and tables, white boards, and access to a kitchenette. This space is used for many student organization programs and departmental functions. The Red Cats Room also has flexible set-up options with chairs, tables and white boards. This space is often used by Supplemental Instruction Leaders (SI), a group of students trained by ESS staff members that hold regular study sessions throughout the semester. There is also a 24-hour study space equipped with whiteboards. The Residence Hall Association Northside Office also is located in Wade by the Pioneer Room. Additionally, the Wade Conference Room accommodates smaller gatherings or meetings.

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Pioneer Room

  • Capacity: 40
  • Set-up: movable tables, chairs, couches, and lounge chairs
  • Amenities: whiteboards
  • Room Arrangements
    • No fee for use by Student Organizations
    • $25/hr.
    • $35/hr.
    • $200/day (6+ hours)

Red Cat Room

  • Capacity: up to 12
  • Set-up: moveable tables and chairs
  • Amenities: three whiteboards
  • Room Arrangement
    • No fee associated for use by Student Organizations.
    • $25/hr
    External Group
    • $35/hr.
    • $200 /day (6+ hours)

* Printers located in Wade Commons are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week for undergraduate students via card access.