Policies You Need to Know

When planning your special event in Thwing Center, it's important to keep the following policies in mind.


First and foremost, classrooms are for academic use. The registrar releases classrooms after the drop/add period. Always be sure to leave classrooms as you found them.

Meet with Thwing Administration

A meeting with Thwing Administration of Thwing Center is required for special events that include:

  • Political attendees
  • Alcohol
  • Conferences
  • Breakfasts, lunches or dinners held in Thwing Ballroom or 201
  • Atrium events

Setups and Breakdowns

Undergraduate and graduate student organizations are responsible for:

  • Setting up all chairs and tables before an event
  • Breaking down and storing all chairs and tables after an event
  • Bagging all trash and taking it to the dumpster

Groups using space in Thwing Center are responsible for leaving the space or room in the condition that they found it. Groups leaving a disorderly room may be charged a fee for cleaning and resetting the room.


To cancel a special event, the student responsible for reserving the space must notify the Thwing Center Administration Office at least 10 working days in advance (excluding weekends). Cancellations can be made using the Thwing Center Reservation form or by email.

Failure to cancel scheduled events may result in forfeiting the right to reserve space in Thwing Center for a semester. Groups also may lose reservation privileges if there is:

  • damage to the room
  • improper use of the room
  • misrepresentation of the event
  • damage or loss of AV equipment


Groups may be charged for:

  • damages, such as improper use of room, furniture or AV equipment
  • facilities staff, such as electricians, custodial services and landscapers
  • CWRU movers
  • security coverage for large events and events with alcohol present
  • keeping the building open outside of normal operating hours

Don't forget—read your confirmations! If all else fails, call Thwing Center Office at 216.368.2660.