Fees for AV Equipment

Recognized Case Undergraduate and Graduate Student Organizations Case Departments Non-University Events for Faculty, Alumni, Students, University Circle Institutions, Non-Profit and Non-University Affiliated Organizations
Microphone No Charge $20 $25
Wireless Handheld Microphone No Charge $39 $49
Lapel Microphone No Charge $39 $49
Table Microphone - 8 inch No Charge $11 $16
Note wireless microphones and lapel microphone need to be used in conjunction with a lecternette in any location other than the Ballroom.
27" TV and DVD Player No Charge $45 $50
TV and VCR No Charge $45 $50
LCD Projector Ballroom No Charge $180 $190
The Ballroom LCD projector is to be used on the stage with the rear projection screen.
LCD Projector No Charge $100 $110
Portable Screen No Charge $11 $13.50
Rear Projection Screen (Ballroom only) No Charge $42 $52
Lecternette No Charge $30 $40
Podium No Charge No Charge No Charge
350W Portable Sound & Stand No Charge $110 $125
Easels No Charge No Charge $4
Flip Chart No Charge No Charge $4
Flip Chart and Pads No Charge $13 $15