Preferred Caterers

Company Contact Phone, Fax, Cell Email, Website Credit Menu on file
Bon Appétit
Traci Marsik
phone: 216.368.4548 office: 216.368.6071 cell: 216.315.4483 YES
Full Service Catering, Corporate & Custom Menu available.
Bon Appetit at Cleveland Botanical Gardens
Peggy Hausser
cell: 216.244.2811 YES Full Service Catering on and off premises.
A Taste of Excellence
Chris Winter or Bill Rini
phone: 440.845.0800 fax: 440.845.5570
YES Full Service Catering, Corporate & Custom Menu available, Drop-off, Rental Equipment.
Aladdin's Eatery Dany Aoun phone: 216.932.4333 YES Mid-eastern and Lebanese menu. No liquor. Drop-off only.
Constantino's Market University Circle Theresa Todia phone: 216.721.6000 Ext. 223
YES Full Service. Corporate and custom menus avaialable. Off and onsite for large and small parties.
Executive Caterers Event Planners: Moya Donnelly or Madeline Repidonis phone: 440.449.0700 fax: 440.449.3834
YES Full Service, custom and personalized catering. Unique multiple venues including meeting space.
fire food and drink Event Coordinator: Hillary Lyon; Owner: Doug Katz phone: 216.921.3473 fax: 216.921.1957
YES Full Service Catering. Seasonal and custom menus available. Local and sustainable.
Food for Thought Bonnie Matthew phone: 440.946.0383 fax: 440.946.8801 YES Full service and customized menus available. Flexible hours.
Garganos Frank Gargano phone: 216.749.0336 fax: 216.749.0336 Yes less than $500 No Liquor, Full Service and Drop-off, Corporate & Custom Menu available, serves up to 500 people. Vegetarian and pizza available.
Hot Sauce Williams MBE Deborah Williams phone: 216.391.2230 cell: 216.338.7877 fax: 216.391.5524 none YES No Liquor, Full Service and Drop-off. Serves up to 400.
Italian Creations Ross Keller phone: 216.226.2282 YES Full service, Serves up to 800 people Menus aviailble.
Jolly Scholar Matt Vann phone: 216.368.0090 matthew.vann@case
YES Menus available online. On-campus facility at Thwing. Liquor available in facility.
Kims Catering Service, Inc. Kim Vitko phone: 216.459.1109 cell: 216.577.8128 fax: 216.459.1509 none YES Full service catering. Liquor Available Menus provided on request.
L'Albatros Brasserie Kim Paradise phone: 216.791.7880 fax: 216.791.7886 YES Full service catering, Corporate and Custom Menu available, open lunch and dinner. Dining and takeout available, gift certificates available.
Marigolds Roseann Vandevender Joan Rosenthal phone: 216.566.5400 fax: 216.566.5403 YES Full service catering. Customized menus available.
Munch (formerly Shticks) Scott Hersch phone: 216.231.0922 YES Vegan and Vegetarian menus avialble. No Liquor.
Normandy Catering Pamela King phone: 440.585.5850 ext. 10 or 13 fax: 440.585.9947 cell: 440.897.1669 YES Full Service, Serves small and large groups. Customized, vegan and Kosher menus available.
Rascal House Collin Khalaf phone: 216.791.4444 fax: 216.791.6264 YES Catering. Menus Available. Pizza, wings, sub trays.
Sandy Beckwith aka Fresh & Fancy Sandy Beckwith phone: 216.261.4427 none YES No Liquor Menus avialable.
SOL Services dba Spice of Life Catering Company Event Planner: Jess Andjeski: Owner: Ben Beneroth phone: 216.432.9090 fax: 216.961.9653
YES Full Service Catering.Local and sustainable.
The Catering Company Francine McLaughlin Owner: Rose Wong phone: 216.283.1800 fax: 216.283.8810 YES Full Service.
Trifles Ken Koprowski phone: 440.247.8595 YES Full Service, Custom Menu, Drop-off.