Additional Policies

Safety Regulations

Groups or individuals that reserve space are responsible for following all university safety regulations. Thwing Center reserves the right to approve all physical arrangements for safety.

No Smoking Policy

Users of Thwing Center are reminded that Case is a non-smoking environment. Learn more about our no smoking policy.

Personal Belongings

Thwing Center is not responsible for personal belongings. Items found in Thwing will be turned into Lost & Found, located in the Student Activities Office 216.368.2679.

Additional Fees

Ballroom drape tie-backs are not to be removed. Windows have shades for use when slides/films are shown. If this policy is disregarded, there will be a $100 rehanging charge assessed to the group/organization responsible.


Thwing Center is not liable for problems that might occur prior to or during the reservation period, i.e., power failure, air-conditioning, heating problems, etc.

Violation of Policies

Thwing Center administration may deny any and all Thwing Center privileges of any individual or group in the event of any violation of Thwing Center policies or procedures.


Dogs, cats, and other pets and animals are prohibited from the premises of Thwing Center unless providing assistance to a disabled individual.

Use of Skateboards

The use of skateboards, in-line skates and cycles of any sort are not permitted in the building.

Removal of Furniture

Removal of any furniture or equipment without prior approval is prohibited.