Spartan mascot at a rainy football game

Pride & Traditions

Students, alumni, faculty and staff at Case Western Reserve University have so many reasons to be proud of being Spartans. With over 180 years’ worth of traditions to draw upon, CWRU is forging a unique path in the world.

Awards & Honors

Every academic year, Case Western Reserve University recognizes outstanding students, teachers and staff for their contributions to the Case community. We recognize their distinguished service to the university with a wide range of awards, presentations, honors and accolades.


These campus events exemplify what it means to be part of Case Western Reserve University. Show your pride, support your fellow community members and become more involved!

Free Access Program

As a CWRU students, you can enjoy many of the cultural, scientific and education attractions located near campus - for free! We are so proud of the Cleveland and campus community, and want to make it easy for you to explore some of these popular local attractions.

Learn about CWRU Traditions

Going to college is an important change in your life, and choosing to come to Case Western Reserve University is a great step! The Little Blue Book will help you learn about what makes CWRU so special, and to navigate this exciting, diverse environment.

Spartan Spirit

Sometime you just can't help wearing your blue and grey and shouting your Spartan Spirit out loud! There are so many reasons to be proud of CWRU, and these events are the perfect outlet!