A big thanks to Matthew Napfel, a Case Western Reserve student who helped build our retrospective video. We appreciate this look back, through the years.

Hudson Relays

Hudson Relays 2017



We are so excited to announce the final results of the 2017 Hudson Relays! The weather was rainy and cold, but every single runner came out and supported their team with true Spartan spirit. We are incredibly proud of each and every one of you!

The Senior Class of 2017 held their undefeated record, becoming the fourth class in history to win the Hudson Relays four consecutive years in a row! They were treated to a Steak & Champagne Dinner with President Barbara Snyder, and they even managed to beat their 2016 time, coming in this year at 1 hour, 52 minutes, and 54 seconds!

The Freshman Class of 2020 came in second, setting the competitive bar high for the next three years! We are very excited to see the direction they lead the CWRU community moving forward. Remember, 2020: three consecutive wins earns a Burgers & Beer Dinner with the Provost!
The freshmen were able to kick off their Hudson Relay legacy with a promising time of 2 hours, 00 minutes, and 22 seconds!

The final detailed times are as follows:

Class of 2017 1:52:54
Class of 2020 2:00:22
Class of 2018 2:05:45
Alumni 2:11:04
2019 2:12:11
Graduate & Professional 2:40:40

Congratulations again to every Spartan who ran this weekend!

We will be posting a full album of pictures for students, alumni, faculty, & staff to share and tag as they become available.

For full information on the history of the Hudson Relays, from 1910 to 2017, head on over here:

The oldest programmed campus tradition

Beginning in 1910, the Hudson Relays was created to commemorate the campus move from Hudson, OH to Cleveland, OH. The Hudson Relays itself is a race amongst the classes the put each class's best runners to the test in a 26 mile relay around campus. As per tradition, if the same class wins all four years in a row, they are treated to a steak and champagne dinner, courtesy of the President and the Provost. To date, only three classes have ever achieved this goal! Will your class be next?

Class of 2017 1:53:27
Class of 2016 2:00:03
Class of 2019 2:01:48
Class of 2018 2:04:40
Alumni 2:12:34
Graduate & Professional 2:38:40