The Path Ahead

At Case Western Reserve, you will learn much about yourself and how you might best make your journey through life.

To help you get a start on your learning, the Little Blue Book offers three thoughts. They're as old as common sense. Put them into practice. Twenty years from now, you'll thank yourself.

  1. Seek experiences—as many and as varied as possible. Read widely. Try new foods. Make new friends. Study new subjects. Volunteer. Intern. Get out and explore, whether you stroll through University Circle or, as one student did, take a semester off to hike the entire Appalachian Trail.
  2. Pursue your passions. Peter B. Lewis advised the CWRU commencing class of 2013 that “the passion to improve and enjoy everything will make your life more vibrant, interesting and successful. Find work you enjoy, and enjoy doing. Keep playing with the openness of a child. Experiment with your passions.”
  3. Define what matters the most to you and then live by it. The strength that comes with knowing what you're about will carry you through your days.

Go Forth and Good Luck.

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