The Case Western Reserve University Experience

Seeking to Understand Students throughout their Undergraduate Years

This is our approach and philosophy at Case Western Reserve University. It says that our role is to challenge you to discover who you are. It says that your undergraduate education takes place outside the classroom as much as it does inside. It says that a Case Western Reserve education should lead directly to your being a lifelong scholar, an ethical leader and an active global citizen.

At the heart of this philosophy is growth—your growth. Case Western Reserve University is committed to your growth and we plan to encourage it, year by year, from your first moment on campus until the day you don your mortarboard and leave the undergraduate ranks. Think about everything that will shape your student experience: academic programs and curricula, advising relationships, living arrangements, social and interpersonal activities, sports participation, the physical campus, and leadership opportunities.

We have thought a great deal about these experiences, particularly how they can work best together to create the most powerful, the most memorable and the most transformative undergraduate experience possible.

You won't be thinking about a transformative experience while moving through your busy daily schedules. But you'll be aware of it later. You're entering one of life's turning points. We'll help you make the most of it.

We at CWRU challenge our students to reflect on who they are and what they need throughout their academic career, which we acknowledge evolves through each year. We will support you while you discover what you need to be successful at each distinct stage, and are committed to understanding all aspects of our students throughout their years at Case Western Reserve University.

As a student, you are engaged in a distinctive and comprehensive student experience which encompasses the intellectual, emotional, spiritual, social, physical and cultural aspects of your lives. The first year of college is one of transition while you build the foundation and connections that will last throughout your four years.

Our intentional approach to student development focuses on campus living, our SAGES program and class events. We strive to provide programs and services that will develop our students into mindful community members, ethical leaders and well-rounded, flourishing individuals.

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