The Little Blue Book Trivia

We challenge you to participate in this Case Western Reserve tradition by successfully answering a series of questions about the university. Many of the answers can be found by simply reading the Little Blue Book, while others require exploration of the campus. Utilize your resources—ask faculty, staff and upperclass students!

  1. How many steps are in the Elephant Stairs?
  2. To what zodiac sign does the Mather Memorial Sundial point?
  3. What was the original purpose of Adelbert Gymnasium?
  4. What is the name of the large black sculpture located on the Case Quad?
  5. What offices have been relocated to Thwing Center?
  6. Why is the campus shuttle called the "Greenie?"
  7. What national political event occurred on campus in 2004?
  8. What was the original route of the Hudson Relays?
  9. Who is the baseball field named after and what is his connection to the university?
  10. How many museums are available to students through the Free Access program?
  11. What building houses two “floating” classrooms, each of which are supported by only three pillars?
  12. Which residence halls are named after Case Western Reserve alumni Nobel Prize recipients?
  13. What characteristic of all the artwork displayed in residence hall common areas relates to the city of Cleveland?
  14. Who is buried under the stone marker reading "Case Institute of Technology, Case Western Reserve University?"
  15. In what building on campus was the atomic weight of oxygen discovered?
  16. How many libraries are there on campus?
  17. Where on campus can you keep warm outside during the winter?
  18. Where on campus can you use a 3D printer and a laser cutter?
  19. What is the name of the person who has the most campus facilities named after him/her?
  20. Where is the replica of the Michelson-Morley experiment?
  21. Where are the studios of our university radio station, WRUW-91.1 FM, located?
  22. What were Western Reserve University and Case Institute of Technology’s mascots at the time of merging?
  23. Where would you locate the Hidden Waterfall?
  24. Who dedicated Toby’s Plaza in Uptown?

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