The Spartan Mascot Team

The Mascot Team

Event Appearances

Would you like Spartie to participate in your on-campus event? The SA&L Office is taking requests for Spartie to appear at university department and student organization events. There is no better way to show Spartan spirit then to have our beloved Spartie interacting with your audience.

The second option for your campus organization or department is for you to reserve the Spartan costume for one of your members to wear at your event. To reserve this costume go to here and complete the Spartan Mascot costume form.

Important Questions to Consider

What do I need to know about our Mascots? They have been our beloved mascot since the early '90s and has served the program with distinction. The Spartan can be a wonderful ambassador at receptions and formal events. Spartie is non-verbal, a bundle of energy and also truly loves CWRU!

When should I reserve the Spartan Mascot costume or register my event for a visit by Spartie?

Event requests should be made at least 2 weeks before event date.

Request Spartie for your event!

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* Student organizations may reserve the Spartan costume for their events. Ready to reserve the Spartan uniform?