What you should know about inviting the Spartan to your event

The Spartan’s stoic character lends itself to higher-profile events. Shaking hands or greeting guests is a distinct advantage that the Spartan has over Spartie. Any event that would require interaction between the mascot and the events’ guests would be a more appropriate setting for the Spartan.

Sporting events in general should be reserved for Spartie, but if need be, football games would be the most appropriate for the Spartan to attend, since the distance between the students and fans and the Spartan is ideal. Often, the fans will request that the Spartan does pushups with the cheerleaders to showcase the Spartan’s toughness, and is completely appropriate. After the team scores, a triumphant lap in front of the fans along the track with the flag is a crowd favorite. A ‘battle cry’ with a plastic vuvuzela horn is also appropriate, if the Spartan has the ability to out-play the crowd.

Lunches, banquets, or other meet-and-greet events are also ideal for the Spartan. As an icon for the University, the Spartan’s presence can subtly inspire school spirit in the attendees, while socializing and starting conversations with students, faculty and staff.

Ideal Events for the Spartan

  • Ceremonial events (i.e. convocation or building openings)
  • Races or other kick-off events
  • Ribbon cuttings