Female Condoms

A thin polyurethane sheath with flexible rings at both ends. The inner ring is used for insertion and covers the cervix. The second ring goes outside the vagina and covers part of the perineum and the base of the penis during intercourse. The inner sheath is prelubricated, but there is no spermicide. It can be inserted up to 8 hours prior to intercourse, to be used for one time only. Do not use with male condoms.

  • compares favorably to other methods
  • not as effective as the male condom.
Side effects


  • first female controlled barrier method that protects against sexually transmitted diseases
  • no prescription required
  • may be inserted up to eight hours prior to intercourse.
  • high cost- $2.25 each
  • noisiness during intercourse
  • may be irritating and cause allergic reactions

Barrier Methods of Contraception A link to an excellent website for more information

Female Condom