Male Condoms

Made of polyurethane, latex, or lamb skin, it is used as a sheath applied prior to intercourse to an erect penis. The condom is rolled from the reservoir tip to the end of the shaft. Extra space should be left at the end of the condom for ejaculate.

  • 89 percent effective, when used correctly
  • When used with spermicides, risk for pregnancy is further decreased.
Side Effects

Some people may have an allergic reaction to latex.

  • Protects against STDs
  • lightweight
  • small
  • inexpensive
  • disposable
  • no medical exam or prescription required.
  • may become displaced or even tear
  • may cause vaginal irritation
  • dulled sensation
  • the lamb skin type is not effective against STDs such as HIV, hepatitis B or herpes

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Male Condom