Using local anesthesia, a 2-3cm incision is made over the vas deferens on each side of the scrotum. The ducts are isolated and severed, and occluded by ligation of the ends, by coagulation of the lumen, by burial of the cut ends, or by use of clips or polyethylene tubing with a stopcock for potentially reversible procedures. Absorbable sutures close the skin.

Apply ice for pain or swelling and use scrotal support for a week. It takes 4-6 weeks and 6-36 ejaculations to clear the remaining sperm from the vas deferens, therefore couples must initially use another form of birth control. Must bring in 2-3 semen samples for a sperm count and be rechecked at 6 and 12 months to ensure fertility has not been restored by recanalization.

Complications (uncommon)
  • hematoma (bruise)
  • sperm granulomas
  • spontaneous reanastomosis (reconnection)

Restored fertility after reversal ranges from 30-85%.