Post-Exposure Follow-up for Medical Students

The student on a clerkship or clinical elective in one of the affiliated hospitals should contact the designated individual, usually infection control personnel or an infectious disease staff member, for up-to-date medical advice at the time of the occurrence.

Students who experience a needle stick injury or occupational exposure at an affiliated hospital should also contact the 24-hour needle stick hotline maintained by the University Health Service: 216.368.6635 or send an email message to

The University Health Service can provide ongoing information and advice following the acute incident.

If the exposure occurs in a school laboratory you should do the following:

  • Notify the Instructor in charge of the laboratory.
  • Call the University Health Service NeedleStick Hotline 216.368.6635. If the exposure occurs during usual business hours, report to the University Health Service for appropriate medical care. If the Health Service is closed, call 216.368.2450 and ask to speak with the nurse on-call for directions.