At a Glance: Student Coverage

The Student and Dependent Medical Plans are administered by Aetna Student Health (877.850.6038). Complete plan information for 2017-2018 is available on this website or by downloading the Medical Plan Brochure and Medical Plan Document.

If you need... Your options are...
Preventative/Wellness Aetna providers or University Health Services
Care for an illness or injury University Health Services or an Aetna Provider
Dental care Case's Dental School
Prescription drugs Any preferred pharmacy with your Aetna ID
Vision care Aetna providers for a discount
Counseling and psychiatric services University Health Service, University Counseling Services or Aetna providers
Aggregate Medical Policy Year Maximum Unlimited
Deductible $ 250
Annual Out-of-Pocket Limit $6,850

The following table includes the percentage and/or fees students will pay for healthcare while enrolled in the Student Medical Plan. For example, students who schedule an office visit through an Aetna Network Provider are responsible for paying a $20 co-pay due at the time of the visit. In addition to the co-pay, students are required to pay 20 percent of the cost of care while Aetna pays 80 percent.

In the case of Non-Network Providers, 60/40 means Aetna pays 60 percent of the cost while students pay the remaining 40 percent.

Aetna Network Provider Out of Network Provider Point of Service Costs
Physician's Office Visit 80/20 60/40 $20*
Inpatient Hospitalization 80/20 60/40
Urgent Care 80/20 60/40 $30
Emergency Room 80/20 80/20 $100**
X-Ray and Lab 80/20 60/40
Mental Illness and Chemical Dependency Treatment. 80/20 60/40 $20*
Preventative services 100 60/40

*$20 Copay for In-Network providers and $20 co-pay for Out-of-Network providers
**$100 Copay for In-Network providers and $100 co-pay for Out-of-Network providers, waived if admitted