Sending and Retrieving Secure E-mail Messages

MyHealthConnect allows you to send and receive secure e-mail messages related to health issues, appointments and other information. To learn more about the Secure Message option, follow these instructions:

  1. Login to MyHealthConnect. Click on the link to Messages, located on the left-hand navigation bar. When the new page displays, students have the option to create a New Message or view and reply to messages that have been sent to them by their healthcare provider or physician.

  2. If sending a new message, students will see a variety of options for e-mailing staff or requesting a prescription renewal. In the Compose Message window, click on Add Recipient and choose from a list of staff members. Type in a Subject and Message, then click the Send button. Your e-mail will be sent securely via the MyHealthConnect e-mail application.

  3. Staff also can send secure replies to your e-mails, which you can access when you login to MyHealthConnect. You also will receive a notification in your CWRU e-mail account stating that a secure message has been sent to you, including instructions on how to view it.

  4. To read or reply to a secure message which was sent to you, look for the Read It button located under the Subject column. In the message view, you can choose to Reply or Close the message and go back to your secure inbox.

Note: Secure messages only can be viewed through MyHealthConnect and are not accessible through Microsoft Outlook, Google Mail, Yahoo, etc.