ADHD Documentation and Prescription of Stimulant Medication Policy

The University Health and Counseling Services (UH&CS) employs a comprehensive assessment process in diagnosing and treating Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). Based on our extensive clinical experience, we have found this process to be necessary to arrive at an accurate diagnosis, especially given the high rates of other conditions that can look like ADHD, the conditions that can accompany ADHD, the potential of abuse or misuse of stimulant medication on a college campus, and the side-effects associated with stimulant medication.

Please read through the information below and contact Dr. Richard B. Pazol, Psychologist/Associate Director and Coordinator of Assessment ( or 216.368.0649) with any questions/concerns.

If you have been previously diagnosed with ADHD:
  1. Fax any/all documentation to UH&CS at 216.368.1972 to the attention of Dr. Richard B. Pazol.
  2. Dr. Pazol will review what you have submitted and will determine if your documentation is:
    • up-to-date and current
    • reasonably comprehensive
    • found to clearly support an ADHD diagnosis
  3. If your documentation meets the above criteria, Dr. Pazol will contact you to discuss your options for treatment. These options include:
    • referral to a UH&CS Psychiatrist
    • referral to a UH&CS Primary Care provider
    • referral to a psychiatrist in the Greater Cleveland area
    • referral to your physician back home who has been prescribing your stimulant medication
    • referral to a UH&CS counselor or community counselor for behavioral management of ADHD
If you have never been diagnosed with ADHD or if your documentation doesn't meet our criteria:
  1. You would need to undergo further assessment if you would like stimulant medication prescribed by one of the UH&CS psychiatrists or primary care physicians.
  2. Dr. Pazol will contact you to discuss your options for further assessment in the community.
If you decline to undergo a comprehensive assessment through the UH&CS or in the community:
  1. UH&CS providers will not prescribe stimulant medication for you.
  2. You should contact your physician at home to ask if s/he will continue prescribing for you while you are at college.
Confidentiality and Assessment:

By law, assessment or counseling information regarding a student who is 18 years old or older cannot be shared without the student's written permission, except in case of potentially life-threatening emergency. This means that, unless their son or daughter has given his or her written permission, parents have no access to information regarding the assessment, including assessment results and recommendations and whether or not their son or daughter scheduled/attended their assessment sessions.