Female Anatomy

The vagina is not a sterile body cavity- it normally has "good bacteria" that live in it. If you take antibiotics for any reason, the antibiotic will kill some of these "good bacteria" and may allow yeast to overgrow—causing a "yeast infection."

The normal vagina will keep itself clean without need for douching. The vagina and area outside it (the perineum) are best washed using your hand and a little plain water.

To avoid irritation of the perineum, avoid exposures to scents and chemicals. Use unscented toilet paper and panty liners. Avoid scented bubble baths. Use only mild soaps (Dove unscented). Your own body will keep itself clean, if you don't work against it. If you are concerned that what you are experiencing is abnormal, make an appointment and we can examine you to find out.