Sexual Assault, Date Rape

If you believe you have been involved in unwanted, nonconsensual sexual activity, please get help. We offer a number of ways you can reach out to staff or those who live in your community:

  1. Call a staff member in University Counseling Services at 216.368.5872.
  2. Visit with a staff member from University Health Service who can offer treatment for potential exposure to a sexually transmitted disease, or offer treatment to prevent unwanted pregnancy. Call 216.368.2453.
  3. Contact The Flora Stone Mather Center for Women and speak with the Women's Health Advocate at 216.368.0985.
  4. Contact a staff member from Student Affairs who can help you learn more about your options within the university's judicial system. Call 216.368.2020.
  5. Call the Cleveland Rape Crisis Center at 216.619.6194 and ask for assistance. Someone is always available 24 hours a day.
  6. Go to a local emergency room to be seen and examined.
  7. Report the incident to the local police or Campus Security (216.368.3333) if it happened on campus.

Whatever your decision, please know that a lot of people are available and willing to help you.

For more information on sexual assault, visit the Sexual Conduct at Case website.