Condoms and Safe Sex

The condom is a thin sheet of latex that snugly fits over the penis during sex. The condom keeps the semen (containing the sperm) from entering the vagina. Latex condoms are the most common type of condom sold in North America and are the only types of condoms that prevent transmission of HIV, the virus thought to cause AIDS. They are an important part of practicing safer sex.

The effectiveness of the condom depends entirely on the condom being used correctly and the type of condom used. They are most effective before the due date, when stored in a cool dry place and when not used with oil based lubricants. They are somewhere between 77-95% effective in preventing pregnancy. It is important to know how to put a condom on properly

Advantages of the condom
  • readily available over the counter at many stores
  • inexpensive
  • causes no serious health threats
  • gives the male an active role in the prevention of pregnancy and STD transmission
  • increase protection from AIDs and other STDs
  • when used correctly, a condom is 86-98% effective in preventing pregnancy and is even more effective preventing the transmission of sexually transmitted disease
Possible disadvantages of the condom
  • may interrupt sex as the condom must be put on the erect penis
  • ineffective if used incorrectly or if the condom breaks
  • some people experience allergic reactions to spermicides, lubricants or the latex of the condom
  • must have withdrawal immediately after ejaculation to prevent the condom from slipping off
  • may reduce sensitivity or pleasure
  • may taste bad if used for oral sex (** flavored condoms are not spermicidally lubricated)

How to put on a condom


condom in package condom being removed from package
Check the expiration date on the package, (small but important point) don't use the condom if it is passed the expiration date   Open the condom package
erect penis condom being inserted on penis
The condom must be put on when the man's penis is hard and before any contact near the partner's sexual organs Squeeze out the air from the end of the condom
condom being pushed down penis space at top of condom for semen collection
Unroll the condom down the hard penis Leave space at the tip of the condom to collect the semen
penis being held used condom being thrown in trash
After the man ejaculates, hold the base of the condom so that no semen spills out as the man pulls out of his partner Remove the used condom and throw it in the garbage
1 condom 1 use  
Use each condom only once