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Office of Accommodated
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Accommodated Testing and Services

The Office of Accommodated Testing & Services (OATS) provides accommodations as determined by Disability Resources for undergraduate, graduate, and professional students. The services offered through OATS include testing accommodations, note-taking services, and assistive technology.

Accommodated Testing

Testing accommodations are coordinated and proctored by Rachel Inman, Testing Accommodations Coordinator, and Christina Hannan, OATS Department Assistant. Contact or 216.368.0399 for questions/concerns.

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Note-taking and assistive technology requests are coordinated by Scott Bryden, Accommodated Services Coordinator. For notetaking requests, email For assistance with text requests, email

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Meet Our Staff
Judith Hammer
Assistant Dean
Scott Bryden
Coordinator, Accommodated Services
Rachel Inman
Coordinator, Accommodated Testing
Christina Hannan
Department Assistant